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Holds up to 20L (5 Gal.) of water for a convenient hot shower anywhere. Heat-absorbing design uses Smart PVC material to efficiently absorb solar energy to heat water inside the bag up to 113F (45C) in 3 hours with direct sunlight. Constructed with environmentally-friendly materials. Multi-layer bag design for durable leak protection. Large shower head offers allow variable water flow and seals tightly when turned OFF. Keep track of your preferred water heat using the built in temperature gauge. Temperature indication given in both C and F. Leave it out on your rack where it can get full exposure to the sun and you have water hot enough to shower with. Durable hanging/carry strap with side-release buckle and rubber handle allows easy mounting to Rack Mount Shower Arm – by Front Runner, a tree branch, or wherever! Velcro tabs on shower bag holds the shower hose when not in use.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 229 × 305 × 102 mm


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